[soulTec] MSC: Cloud Management and Automation

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Cloud Management and Automation Master Service Competency Achievment

[soulTec] MSC: Cloud Management and Automation

soulTec AG achieves top VMware certification in cloud management and automation.

Achieving this level of competency certifies a profound understanding of VMware cloud management design principles for delivering a scalable and reliable platform. The first of currently 9 Master Services Competencies. This is just the beginning for soulTec. We strive to be second to none in the world and are committed to putting the best VMware specialists together. We will form a technical family that will do amazing things in Switzerland, EMEA and worldwide. If VMware it will be soulTec.

Here’s why this competence:

The “Master Services Competency: Cloud Management and Automation” represents expertise in providing VMware solutions and services for cloud management and automation. Earning this competency validates a deep understanding and expertise in the execution of cloud management design principles and methodologies. Our customers are virtually crying out for optimization and automation to help their businesses. That’s why this competence was at the top of our list.

What’s the difference between solution competencies and master services competencies, then?

Solution competencies:

This is the first step a partner takes to attain sales and technical expertise in VMware solutions. Solution competencies are achieved at the organizational level. They involve sales training and pre-sales and post-sales technical training.

Master Services Competencies:

Achieve advanced technical certifications and demonstrate high-level service skills and expertise as validated by customers. Unlike solution competencies, a partner must demonstrate service delivery experience and skills by providing three customer references for recently completed projects, in addition to meeting educational requirements.

At a minimum, what does it take to earn a Master Services competency?

To earn a Master Services Competency, partner organizations need at least five certified individuals, at least two of whom must hold the Advanced Professional certification.

To earn a competency, your organization must also have three customer references per technology area.

What now?

If you would like to know more or benefit from the extensive knowledge of our engineers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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