[PowerCLI] Getting the Usage of a cluster

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[PowerCLI] Getting the Usage of a cluster

Our customers sometimes call us in to check their environment. Because this happens quite often we created a basic checklist on what checks we do when we start. One of those checks is a cluster-usage assessment. This helps us further down the road when advising the customer in ways to improve the resilience of his infrastructure.

Now, I know the following script is a “snapshot” of the current usage and does not account for history or even query the vCenter’s statistics on a given cluster. But that is okay, because a lot of the time the vCenter does not provide accurate information anyways.

What is still missing from the script is a balancing of host resources. This script basically assumes that all hosts in a cluster are equal in terms of CPU and RAM resources. If they are not the percentage at the end of the script is not very accurate. A big thanks to LucD for pointing that out to me. You can see our discussion on the matter in the VMware communities here.

Update: this script is now published at GitHub.
If I can get around to it I will put some thought into how to address this in the script but in the meantime here it is with the mentioned caveats:

$clusters = get-cluster
$myClusters = @()
foreach ($cluster in $clusters) {
    $hosts = $cluster |get-vmhost

    [double]$cpuAverage = 0
    [double]$memAverage = 0

    Write-Host $cluster
    foreach ($esx in $hosts) {
        Write-Host $esx
        [double]$esxiCPUavg = [double]($esx | Select-Object @{N = 'cpuAvg'; E = {[double]([math]::Round(($_.CpuUsageMhz) / ($_.CpuTotalMhz) * 100, 2))}} |Select-Object -ExpandProperty cpuAvg)
        $cpuAverage = $cpuAverage + $esxiCPUavg

        [double]$esxiMEMavg = [double]($esx | Select-Object @{N = 'memAvg'; E = {[double]([math]::Round(($_.MemoryUsageMB) / ($_.MemoryTotalMB) * 100, 2))}} |select-object -ExpandProperty memAvg)
        $memAverage = $memAverage + $esxiMEMavg
    $cpuAverage = [math]::Round(($cpuAverage / ($hosts.count) ), 1)
    $memAverage = [math]::Round(($memAverage / ($hosts.count) ), 1)
    $ClusterInfo = "" | Select-Object Name, CPUAvg, MEMAvg
    $ClusterInfo.Name = $cluster.Name
    $ClusterInfo.CPUAvg = $cpuAverage
    $ClusterInfo.MEMAvg = $memAverage
    $myClusters += $ClusterInfo

Here is a picture of the expected output:


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