[Veeam] Securing your data with Veeam SureBackup

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[Veeam] Securing your data with Veeam SureBackup

How secure is your backup?

Have you ever asked yourself if your daily backups really deliver what they promise? It would be great if you were able to periodically check these backups for their restore capability. Not through manual work, but completely automated!

You don’t just want to restore the data, you need to verify that the virtual servers can be started and the applications are working. Even whole application groups can be verified.

All this becomes possible with Veeam SureBackup.


Securing your data with Veeam SureBackup

With Veeam SureBackup it is possible to mount the backed up virtual servers directly from the backup data into the virtual infrastructure (VMware or Hyper-V) and start them in a network-isolated sandbox.

After the virtual server has been started, Veeam checks via VMware Tools to ensure that the VMware heartbeat is present. This ensures that the server can be started properly. After that a ping test from the Veeam server to the restored server in the sandbox is performed. Subsequently, it can be checked that certain services or applications were able to be started, e.g. Active Directory, DNS, Exchange, SQL, web server and much more.

Overview of the Veeam SureBackup Implementation

If required, the virtual server can be checked for a potential virus and malware infestation as well as the consistency of the virtual disk.

After the tests have been completed, the virtual servers are shut down again and removed from the virtual infrastructure. A closing email followed by an entry in Veeam Backup & Replication and the Veeam ONE database concludes the process.

This way, not only individual servers, but entire application groups can be tested together, e.g. domain controller and Exchange Server or domain controller, SQL Server and WebServer.

SureBackup can be used not only to automatically check backup data, but also as a DataLab for test environments with production data and systems. This can be used, for example, to test upgrade and patch scenarios, which can minimize the risk of an outage in production. It can also be used to support DevOps / DevTest projects. Security and compliance tests can be carried out very easily as well.

By using a dynamic script, all servers in your virtual infrastructure can be checked for restore capability in no time at all.

Peace of mind in no time

Would you like to enjoy your vacations with peace of mind, knowing that you can safely restore your data if necessary? As a Veeam partner, soulTec AG has certified experts with many years of experience who will be happy to support you in securing your data with Veeam SureBackup and other Veeam topics.

Feel free to get in touch with us or hit us up on our social media platforms.

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