[soulTec] MSC: Digital Workspace

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[soulTec] MSC: Digital Workspace

Digital Workspace characterizes a partner’s organizational expertise in developing, deploying and supporting the ongoing management of customer applications, data and virtual desktop solutions. Whether they are deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Achieving this competency validates a partner’s comprehensive understanding and execution of VMware Horizon and VMware Workspace ONE solutions for end-user computing.
Achieving this second of 9 Master Services Competencies is just the beginning for soulTec. We aim to be unique worldwide, we seek and will bring together the best VMware specialists to form a technological family that will stand for excellence in Switzerland, EMEA and worldwide. And if VMware, then soulTec AG.

Why this digital workspace competency:

Achieving this competency validates partners’ understanding and implementation of VMware Horizon and VMware Workspace ONE end-user computing solutions.
Not only since the pandemic, but for years we have been dealing with end-user computing projects. Our solution expertise consists of 7×24, dual-site and stretched-cluster architecture projects. We have also been interested in SMB installations. We are really looking forward to working with VMware and the Digital Workspace portfolio and have a lot of fun implementing these technologies.

It was therefore only a matter of time before we gained this important master services competency.

How did we achieve it?

Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated team, we were able to prove in a short period of time that we have the necessary technical skills and have carried out successful projects for customers. A special thanks goes to Matthias Grasmück, who recently achieved two certifications in the field of Digital Workspace.

What is the difference between solution competencies and master services competencies?

Solution Competencies:

The first step a partner takes to gain sales and technical expertise in VMware solutions. Solution competencies are achieved at the organizational level. They include sales training and pre- and post-sales technical training.

Master Services Competencies:

Achieve advanced technical certifications and demonstrate high-level service skills and expertise validated by customers. Unlike solution competencies, a partner must demonstrate service delivery experience and skills by providing three customer references for recently completed projects and meeting very high training requirements.

What is the minimum requirement to earn a Master Services Competency?

To earn a Master Services Competency, partner organizations need five highly certified individuals, at least two of whom must be certified at even the Advanced Professional level.

Additionally your organization must have at least three customer references per technology area.

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