[VMware] How to spell VMware like a Pro

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How to spell VMware like a Pro

[VMware] How to spell VMware like a Pro

VMware is our bread and butter. Our IT existence is simply unimaginable without VMware. For this reason, VMware has a high priority within soulTec. How to spell VMware correctly is therefore a matter of great importance to us.



It could hardly be simpler. True to the motto “There can be only one”, there is only one correct spelling. “VMware”. 😉

Because this means a lot to us, applicants who write VMware incorrectly in their resume, for example, have a difficult time.
We encounter tons of websites, offers, presentations, and tons of emails every day where this is misspelled. Whoever allows himself such a lapse internally at soulTec has to throw 5 CHF into the beer box to redeem himself of his disgrace. Up to now, the cash box is still empty. Too bad, but we have beer anyway.

But how do you write VMware correctly? Exactly like this: “VM” capitalized, “ware” lowercase. So VMware has two capital letters.

It is a matter of honor, so to speak. Please write VMware correctly in the future, not like this:
– VM ware
– VM-ware
– WMware
– WM-Ware
– Etc.

Spelling VMware like a Pro


For all non-English speakers, here is a video on the pronunciation of VMware:

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