[VMware] VM News Collector 1.0

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VM News Collector Fling Teaser

[VMware] VM News Collector 1.0

A new fling to keep up to date

On January 4th 2022 VMware has released a new Fling: VM News Collector.

This Fling is an App for Android and iOS which allows you to keep up to date with the VMware products which are of interest to you.

VM News Collector App

What does it do?

The app is a single source for for all VMware announcements, security updates, patches and fixes. It grabs the news by utilizing the RSS feeds of VMware news outlets and provides them to you in a legible format.

You can select which VMware products are relevant to you and enable push notifications for news related to those products.

What does it look like?

Where can I get it?

Download it for Apple iOS

Download it for Android

This is a must have app for everyone interested in VMware technologies.

More Information

If you want to know more about this app, visit the official Fling page of it here.

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  • Michael Steg Reply

    Mohammed Derouich is one of my best VMware Friends! He will change the world, he knows the market and the needs of the customers! Keep it up.

    11.01.2022 at 18:27

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